About Us 

They say beauty is only skin deep. Well if that was truly the case, then people wouldn’t care so much about their jewelry and accessories. But since they do, we try to have everything required to help them look and feel their absolute best without breaking the bank.

Who Are We?

Our brand is innovative and curative, curious and confident – created to be a beacon and crafted to remain relevant. As a new jewelry product supplier in an already saturated industry, we set ourselves apart in more ways than one. Our team tries to focus the attention on the wants and needs of modern-day working women instead of on the needs and wants to product manufacturers. We strive to stay ahead of the game and we’re poised to do exactly that.

Newly established in 2019, our company has enjoyed tremendous growth because of our ability to help women improve their appearance, self-assurance, and style. Our offices are based right here in the United States, nestled within the fit and fabulous city of Atlanta, Georgia. As a hub of fashion and innovation, the geographical location of our brand headquarters puts us on the forefront of contemporary beauty standards – a perk we use to find and provide our customers with the world’s most sought-after jewelry and beauty accessories.

Why Are We Here?

When the thought of this business was first dreamed up, nobody could have imagined where we’d be today. Our initial idea was to simply create a transparent company that would put high-end items in front of low-budget consumers. Upon examining the market, it became obvious to us that a large portion of the female working class was not being represented correctly by jewelry manufacturers. In response, we launched RareSnowflake because we believe in the rare concept that every woman – no matter who she is or what she does for a living - has a right to look and feel as gorgeous as humanly possible without having to take out a second mortgage to do so. Today, we’re a leading supplier of top name jewelry goodies in the industry and we couldn’t be more excited to share our successes with ladies like you.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in giving our customers exactly what they came for. We work hard at curating the world’s best jewelry products because we know a woman’s jewelry choice tells a story and we think your story should be amazing. Through exclusive market insights, research and gut instinct, we’re able to provide our ladies with the industry’s best and brightest items no matter where they are in the world.

What Don’t We Do?

Here at RareSnowflake, we strive to prance upon the thin line between luxury and affordability, with no exceptions made for brand affiliations or clever marketing schemes. We don’t introduce products because they’re made by famous manufacturers. We select products based on their quality and value, leaving our customers with a sense of pride in their purchase.

Our motto is simple: Love it or leave it.

No woman should ever be forced to continually wear something that makes her feel bad about herself simply because she can’t afford to buy the good stuff. Budgets are real, but beauty is more than skin deep so we pledge to give you the globe’s best selection of high-quality, low price, branded products and then let you choose for yourself. If you don’t absolutely love the products you buy from our inventory, just leave it with us and we’ll take care of the rest. In fact, we’re so sure about the quality of our stash that we’ll swiftly return the full purchase price (less shipping) if you’re not completely satisfied. If confidence is contagious, consider yourself infected.

Why You Should Trust RareSnowflake

Not only do we pride ourselves on giving our customers the industry’s very best products at the lowest possible prices or their money back, but we also take the time to offer extremely friendly and professional customer service to everyone who shops with us.

Trustworthiness is key, especially when shopping online. That’s why we run a tight ship, with a fully encrypted website that partners with only the most reputable money exchange interfaces. We have customer support representatives who are ready and willing to help you around the clock as well, because we think all women should be able to experiment with their look no matter where they are or what time it is.

Having a team of knowledgeable professionals at your disposal for product questions, experience comments, and purchase concerns makes you feel more confident. Plus, it makes us more transparent than many of our competitors. On top of that, every inquiry we receive gets answered quickly, that way you never have to worry about getting lost in the fold when it matters most.

Our commitment to service, selection and value doesn’t end there either. We make it easier than ever for fashionable women to get the beauty jewelry they need at an affordable price because we extend the convenient of free worldwide shipping on every order processed on our site. Just make your selection from our massive inventory and enjoy high-quality gorgeousness without all the hidden costs and red tape. At RareSnowflake, we don’t settle for less than the best and neither should you.

Where You Can Get Ahold of Us

Part of being transparent and trustworthy is being easily accessible. While many competitors have available customer service reps waiting to address concerns, RareSnowflake works hard to make your voice heard as quickly and efficiently as possible. Simply send us an email for instant access to a human assistant. We’re also present on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel free to drop us a line or snap a cute photo of yourself using one of our amazing products.